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Why do you get black spots on the skin?

The skin is our largest organ, and also the most sensitive, and not many of us know how to take care of it correctly and when we don’t do it easily we can see the consequences.

black spots on the skin

That is why it is important to know the causes and the appropriate treatment to be able to have not only beautiful but also healthy skin.

Why do you get black spots on the skin?

In itself the black spots that usually appear in the armpit, neck and groin area; They are a disease called pigmentary acanthosis, which is when the skin becomes pigmented and begins to look black or brown, this usually happens in people with obesity or diabetes.

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black spots on the skin

These are other reasons why these black spots usually appear on the skin:

  • Insulin resistance: Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas that allows the body to process sugar. Insulin resistance is what ultimately causes diabetes
  • Hormonal disorders: When the person has disorders such as ovarian cysts, problems with the thyroid or problems with the adrenal glands, these spots usually appear
  • Medications and supplements: High doses of birth control pills, among other types of medications can cause black spots on the skin

For that reason it is very important to lead a healthy life, with good food and exercise, in the same way, to be going to the doctor at least 2 times a year to verify that everything works perfectly; And if we start to notice radical changes in the skin go to a specialist as soon as possible

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