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Horoscopes from September 2 to 8


Your boyfriend is lying to you because he can no longer find a way to tell you something without bothering you or questioning everything. You are so obsessed with knowing whom you are talking to, who you are talking to or even what or whom you are thinking, that you (possibly without realizing it) are causing the relationship to become toxic and not something nice.

I see that your partner really loves you, but misses that person he fell in love with at the beginning. Both have made mistakes and just be honest and express without reservation everything they feel right now.

Tip: Don’t blame others for how you feel. Sometimes when we have a problem it is easier to blame others for our insecurities. Work to become a person who is not controlled by your emotions, only then can you heal that anxiety and anguish that sometimes lead you to tears.


Wait! Before you say “yes” to that boy who could be your next boyfriend. I see that there is something that he is hiding from you and that does not suit him at all that you know. It could have to do with the true story of why he ended up with his last girlfriend … but I can’t tell you more.

It would be good if before making any decision you give him one last chance to be 100% honest with you. Ask him to be honest if there is an important confession that he has not made to you.

Tip: You have been making decisions for a long time, always thinking of others and the last in you … that is killing you, your self-esteem and your patience. If you don’t solve that problem you have, one day you will explode against someone who is not to blame, and you will ruin everything.


For more than half a year you feel that you have an “invisible” weight with you that, no matter how hard you try, you cannot get rid of it. It all started with a difficult decision that you had to make and which you now regret … or am I wrong?

This feeling of heaviness will never be taken away if you don’t forgive yourself first. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Tip:  Take small steps to regain that strength you need … how? Change the look for one you’ve always wanted, sign up for a course you’ve always wanted, open your YouTube channel and just talk about everything you feel.


Your ego is leading you to lose one of the people who love you most in life. You feel a great need for everyone to be at your disposal whenever you want, no matter if you hurt them in the process. The ego is not synonymous with strength, much less intelligence, remember.

Tip: Do not copy other people’s personalities. Admiring others is very good, but wanting to be a copy of them, is not something you should try at all.


It is costing you a lot to recover from that rejection you lived of someone with whom you were excited, and it is not for less, because you put all your thoughts for days and nights in that person. Take this experience as a reminder that not everything always goes the way you want it or you plan it, don’t put everything you are in someone else’s hands.

On the other hand, I see that there is a super stressful situation in your work or school, something that has to do with 2 people and that you are causing a lot of problems and stress. Find the solution because this can be made bigger if you don’t stop now.

Tip:  The beginnings are always the most difficult. Healing is never from one day to another, as well as forgetting either … the process is difficult but it is necessary to become a stronger person.


You have been waiting for a long time and wishing that the past becomes your present. You were so happy a while ago and you felt so full in so many things, that today you no longer have many of them, you think your life almost stinks. Stop obsessing with wanting to return to the past, those people who made your life very “happy” today are no longer in your life and you must accept it. You need to follow your path.

Tip:  If you cling to live in your past, you will miss out on how beautiful it is happening in your present … better advice could not give you.


It’s not that you don’t realize things, it’s that you don’t want to see them. The signs are there, the answer you are looking for already has it but you don’t want to accept it. You are desperately looking for the people you ask for advice to tell you what you want to hear but that does not happen, stop turning this matter around and accept the truth, it will not be easy but you have to do it or you will end up even more hurt.

Tip: The answer will not be given to you by anyone other than your heart.


That person who only took care of making you the life of squares will return with the tail between the legs to ask for help. But be careful! Under that innocent sheep, the costume is the same ferocious wolf as always. If you let your noble heart take over, you will get hurt again, don’t let its history envelop you, it’s still the same vermin as always.

Tip: Learn to say ‘no’, learn to get away from those people who hurt you so much, it’s time to leave innocence aside and let your experience and intuition tell you what to do.


For several days you have had doubts about your partner, you feel that he has been lying to you but you are afraid to find out more for fear of what you might find. You have already caught several incongruities and for more signs that life gives you to confirm what your heart senses you continue to let it envelop you in its lies. You have to ask yourself if it really is worse to be alone than to live in complete deception.

Tip:  If they lie to you, if they cheat you, if they hurt you, it’s because you allow it.


Everyone has already realized that you cannot concentrate on thinking about him. You walk through life, you hear so much that they mention it and the heart starts beating a thousand and you lose control of your lips because you can’t take that smile away. You are afraid because it does not have a very good reputation and that has slowed you down to take it to another level. Stop getting ahead of the facts, enjoy the moment and whatever comes will come.

Tip: You have deaf ears to the comments of others, create your own opinion, that is the only one that has value.


You have told so many lies that you no longer know what is true. Your own game has turned you around and you no longer know how to get out of it, you live in constant stress and fear of what might happen if you are discovered. And I’m sorry to tell you but this week the curtain of your theater will fall completely and you will be completely exposed. You will spend some very difficult and black days, the lies must stop, only then can you get out of this darkness.

Tip: Stop holding on to lies, if they discovered you, they discovered you, period. Even if it costs the truth, even if it hurts, it is honest, only then can you make a blur and a new account.


As much as you want to hide it and deny it, that little person who has just entered your life has stuck in your mind like a dog tick. Stop spinning, just ask yourself if those little glances he throws at you are a sign that he is interested in you too, obviously, they are! Instead of taking your time to ask if you will like it or not, go and make contact, if you let more time go by, don’t scream when you see it from someone else’s hand.

Tip: Take off those macho complexes that say that the man is the one who has to take the initiative or else you will look desperate, we no longer live in 1900.

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